How can I use the images in the Stock With Heart Library?


The options are endless! You can use them for your personal or business needs including (but not limited to):

  • Product Images for your online shop. All you have to do is overlay your product using an image editing software like Photoshop or Canva.
  • Blog & Website graphics ( backgrounds, buttons, headers, sidebar graphics etc).
  • Social Media graphics (Facebook & Twitter cover images, Instagram Photos, Pinterest & Blog post graphics...the options are endless!).
  • Email headers & email graphics
  • To display your design work if you are website designer,developer or graphic designer. Use these images to really show off your portfolio of work.
  • Credit or attribution for the photos is not required but always appreciated (use the #CGScreative hashtag if you'd like to build the community). Please do not claim these photos as your own.

What are some ways I cannot use the images?


We want our terms of use to be easy to understand, to allow you to use the images in many different ways. Please keep in mind, these are the ways in which you cannot use the images:

  • You cannot sell, loan, transfer, or give away images or otherwise allow a third-party to use the images in any way.
  • Your membership is for your own personal / professional use. You cannot share your login information with anyone. If you share your login info, your membership will be revoked without refund.
  • You cannot create derivative products from the images and sell them. For example, you cannot add text to a photo and sell it as a print. You cannot use images to create branding or logos to re-sell them (you can use the images to create your own branding / logos).

What size are the images?


All images are saved in high resolution and range from. You may resize the images and change the resolution as needed. All the images are big enough nearly all online & print work.


Simply choose an image and download it to your computer by right clicking and saving the file. Open the image in your preferred image editing or online program (Photoshop, Illustrator, Picmonkey, Canva, etc.).

Then simply resize, crop, add text, or overlay your own products / designs to the images. Save to your computer and then have fun uploading your new visuals.

How do I edit the images?

How many photos can I download after becoming a member?


As many as you want! Once you sign up and become a member, you will have instant access to the complete stock library.

You have unlimited downloads - so you can use as many pictures as you need, as many times as you need them. We designed our membership this way to keep things simple & affordable for you.

How many photos are currently in the stock library?


There are over 50 images in the stock library right now. New images are added each month so there is always fresh & unique content. 

Below is a sample of the different images available. There are so many different themes, you really will be spoiled for choice!

Because you get unlimited access to the Styled Stock Library instantly, there are no refunds given on memberships. If you decide the Styled Stock Library is not for you, simply cancel your membership by going to -> My Profile -> Cancel Subscription.

You can also cancel your subscription by going to your Paypal Recurring Payments Dashboard and cancelling the payment.

Please have a look at the collections currently in the Styled Stock Library before signing up to ensure that there are images you would like to use.

What if I sign up and then change my mind?

Yes! You can continue to use all the photos you downloaded during your paid membership. Anything you downloaded up to the point that your membership expires is yours to use as long as you want.

If you cancel, your membership will remain active until the end of your subscription term. After that date, you will no longer be billed and your account will be deactivated.

If I decide to cancel my membership, can I still use the photos I previously downloaded?

There are no per-photo charges. Once you become a member you can download as many photos as you want, it's all included in the membership fee and you will not incur any additional charges.


Are there any additional charges after the membership fee? Do you charge a fee per photo?

I am a web designer / graphic designer / Virtual Assistant and I want to use your photos for my client work, can I?

No. You may use the images to show sample design work or in website templates for online preview - however, you may not transfer any files to your clients from the styled stock library.

If you have any questions about how you can use the image, please feel free to contact us using the contact form in the menu bar or by emailing us directly here > contact us.